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Husk, 39 bytes Could not infer valid type for program Try it online! The infamous error that everyone is familiar with. Interestingly, I had trouble finding any other error quines: Parse error (missing \): ¶ is nearly one in verbose mode, but it outputs Parse error (missing \): ): ¶¶.


Poetic, 113 bytes sometimes i,i think i get a choice if its a thing i know i do affect,i bet i do win i`m sorry if it breaks o-h no Try it online!


Scala object HaltOrNot extends App { val x = scala.util.Random.nextLong while (((scala.util.Random.nextLong & 0xFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFEL) ^ x) != 0) {} } If x is odd positive or even negative, this program will never halt. If x is even positive or odd negative, this program will definitely halt... someday... after thousands of years... (e.g., if your ...

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