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Topologically distinct ways of dissecting a square into rectangles

I was asked by OEIS contributor Andrew Howroyd to post a Code Golf Challenge to extend OEIS sequence A049021. Would be super great to get a couple more terms for [...] A049021. Kind of thing [...] ...
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Find a Glider Synthesis (Game of Life)

Challenge Summary In summary, the challenge is to provide the glider synthesis for a Game of Life configuration, which is your input. What does this mean? Well, firstly, let me explain a few terms. ...
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Play Thud! (Dwarf Edition)

Key links: Troll question Chat room Game Controller Interface Dwarf league table ...
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How to golf string output in Chef

I'm attempting to solve a programming golf style programming puzzle. I need to write an 18 character phrase in Chef in less than 32 "lines" of code. In this case, a line counts as an ingredient or an ...
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Play Thud! (Troll Edition)

Key Links Dwarf question Chat room Game Controller Interface Troll league table ...
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Tips for Golfing in SQLite?

I was looking for this page to help me enhance my first answer with SQLite, but I couldnt find one. So here we are! What general tips do you have for golfing in SQLite? I'm looking for ideas that can ...
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Is it a legal atomic chess move?

Background and Rules There is a variant of chess called atomic chess, which follows essentially the same rules as normal chess, except that pieces explodes other pieces around them when captured. In ...
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Finding Radical Ideals

Sandbox Finding radicals of arbitrary ideals in rings is hard! However, it's a doable task in polynomial rings, since they are Noetherian (all ideals are finitely generated) Background A quick ...
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Simulate Alpha Decay

Alpha Decay is a kind of radiation decay where every time the atom "decays", it loses a helium nucleus (an alpha particle). This means that an atom loses 2 protons and 2 neutrons each time. ...
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Lean golf: Balanced Bracket Sequence

Ungolfed, ugly, horrible proof to help you make progress on this challenge: https://gist.github.com/huynhtrankhanh/dff7036a45073735305caedc891dedf2 A bracket sequence is a string that consists of the ...
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NP-complete reduction: (grid-)Hamiltonian circuit

Background Hamiltonian circuit problem is a decision problem which asks whether a given graph has a Hamiltonian circuit, i.e. a cycle that visits every vertex exactly once. This problem is one of the ...
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Cover positions with snakes of same 'colour'

Imagine a grid where the origin square \$(0,0)\$ is at the top left of the screen, and positive \$x\$ is rightwards whereas positive \$y\$ is downwards. Coloured squares are at various positions on ...
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Morpion solitaire

Morpion solitaire This is a game that I remember having learnt from my grandparents in my childhood. Initially I didn't know the name. G B has found it to be Join Five (or less ambiguously - Morpion ...
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Delivery Robots and Destroyer Drones

Program your robots to deliver packages in a warehouse infested with destroyer drones. Avoid the drones and get your packages to the right place as fast as you can. Delivery Robots There are ...
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Optimize for Bgil Midol's slicing scoring

In Bgil Midol's question, the score of a sequence of slice is defined as sumof|startslices|∗2+sumof|endslices|∗2+sumof|stepslices|∗3 Such scoring method makes multiple slices possibly take less ...

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