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Wolfram Language (Mathematica), 32 bytes Equal@@Norm/@(r=#;Mean@r-#&/@r)& This is a port of Noodle9's Python answer. I start by determining the centroid of the four points, which is their average position in space, by taking the mean of the four vectors corresponding to each. [N.B.: If the points had mass, and their masses were identical, this would ...


Vyxal, 12 bytes ƛ?ÞTvṁ-²∑√;≈ Try it Online! ƛ ; # Map to... ? # Input ÞT # Transposed vṁ # Take the average of each (center) - # Get the x and y distances to the center ²∑√ # Pythagoras to get abs. dist. to center ≈ # Are all equal?

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