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Make your language unusable

JavaScript Shell This will make the language completely unusable. clear(this); Isn't it nice how JavaScript has such a nice function to destroy itself? This ...
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Make your language unusable

Emmental ;#33! I know this isn't code golf, but the right tool for the job, you know... The user's code can be inserted after the ...
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Make your language unusable

PHP One can completely kill PHP by setting the memory limit to 1. It will completely die. Try this: <?php ini_set('memory_limit',1); //code here This ...
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Make your language unusable

x86 machine code in real mode (=> almost any DOS program) 00000000 6a 00 07 b9 00 04 30 c0 31 ff f3 aa |j.....0.1...| 0000000c i.e. ...
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Reversed language name

PHP, 3 bytes PHP Try it online! It looks like it outputs the language name, but it's actually the letters in reversed order.
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Make your language unusable

Java ...
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Make an error quine!

Windows .EXE, 248 bytes ...
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Make your language unusable

Lua _ENV="" In Lua, _ENV is the environment that all global variables, functions, tables, etc are stored in. Defining ...
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Make your language unusable

Shakespeare Programming Language ...
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Make your language unusable

Smalltalk I'm not sure if this qualifies: Smalltalk := Nil. This deletes the entire run-time environment, hanging the object engine. The only way to fix this is to ...
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Can you give me half? (No digits)

Jelly, 177 bytes ...
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Write a Programming language of Unknown Completeness

Legendre This language is only Turing-complete if and only if Legendre's conjecture is false, i.e. there exists a integer n > 0 such that there are no primes between n^2 and (n+1)^2. This language ...
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Make your language unusable

Haskell There are a couple of possibilities here. Boring idea #1: Define main to do nothing. Now no matter what other code you write, it can never execute. (Unless ...
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Make your language unusable

PostScript Yes, PostScript is a programming language. Moreover, it's a programming language where all language constructs are system-defined functions, which can be redefined... ...
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Patch the Image

Matlab This is a simple interpolation approach. The idea is first mirroring what is on each side of the patch. Then those mirror image pixels are interpolated by how close they are to the ...
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Literally code golf

evil, JavaScript (ES6) ...
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Make your language unusable

Any program executing under Linux/x86(-64) This program is written in C, but it can disrupt execution of any program running under Linux/x86 (-32 or -64). You prepend it to the command-line ...
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Make your language unusable

TeX \catcode`\\=10 I'm not sure this will actually work, but in theory this should break \ as escape character leaving you no ...
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Make your language unusable

Scratch The when [timer v] > (0) will run as soon as the code is initialised, which if you're in the editor is before you even start the code. The ...
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Create a programming language that only appears to be unusable

Shuffle (written in C++), Cracked! by Martin Edit Martin cracked it. To see his solution, click the link. My solution has also been added. Edit Fixed print-d ...
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Images with all colors

C# Wow, really cool things in this challenge. I took a stab at this at in C# and generated a 4096x4096 image in about 3 minutes (i7 CPU) using every single color via Random Walk logic. Ok, so for ...
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Confound my attempts to solve the halting problem

brainfuck, 6013 4877 4376 bytes Edit: -1136 bytes. Switched to a better way of generating the data for the quine Edit2: -501 bytes. Revisited my self-interpreter and cut it down a couple of hundred ...
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8 ought to become Infinity

Python3 Clean Program: This is just a standard countdown while loop. n = 8 while n != 0: n -= 1 print("done") Augmented Program: ...
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Print a Variable's Name

Java ...
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Computer Generated Cracked Soil

Mathematica A Voronoi diagram looks like this drawing, from Wikipedia, showing 19 cells, each containing a single seed point. A cell consists of the subregion of points which the respective ...
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Make your language unusable

PHP I'm suprised that it actually works, but closing STDOUT and STDERR suppresses all output. To be sure that they will not be ...
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Make your language unusable

Mathematica / Wolfram Language Mathematica is an interpreted language in which command names are symbols that can be manipulated by the programmer. You can't delete built-in operators, but you can ...
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Paint by Numbers (using programming, not numbers)

Spectral airbrushing (Python, PIL, scipy) This uses a sophisticated mathematical algorithm to produce colourful nonsense. The algorithm is related to Google's PageRank algorithm, but for pixels ...
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Create a programming language that only appears to be unusable

Brian & Chuck, Cracked by cardboard_box I've been intrigued for some time now by the idea of a programming language where two programs interact with each other (probably inspired by ROCB). This ...
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