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PHP, 288 bytes <?php echo gzuncompress(base64_decode("eJyNjssKgzAQRX9loIupi9DM+GgF47+IJiagtcT08fnVYMFCF90Mc+Hcw63mR19XXrcBnq4LViEzo9Wut0EhZRkaNwwKD62UeNrI10rluBUo/8VLLla+h+Cb62wmPyqM79AEfSQiOHPygY0xWFet8+2gwStMy7W7ywXCt/fWBAuuW5wIyx0FExCU4gKLuRC5oJgEMVBMIgXiGCOxOu6zBuu1WawBdzP9FOJGlskfGGcRewOZ3F4l"))?> Unpacks and echos the following inline svg image ...


BBC BASIC (BBC Micro) (126 bytes) This is a variation of Level River Street's answer, but for the original BBC Micro's iteration of BBC BASIC. You can copy and paste either of the following into JSBeeb's new paste functionality at https://bbc.godbolt.org/ (A JavaScript powered BBC Micro emulator), once it has pasted, press Enter inside the 'screen' to show ...

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