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Microsoft PowerPoint (33 Slides, 512 shapes to meet minimum requirements) Storage representation is in hexadecimal. Directions Click the blue square to advance the counter (or propagate the carry), or make an AutoHotKey Script to click it for you. You can view the number's digits at any time using the green buttons. (It causes unintended behavior if you ...


Python 3, 53 bytes import itertools for i in itertools.count(1):print(i) Try it online! Explanation I prefer to avoid while loops in my code, therefore I decided to write the program. import itertools # Pretty simple, import something for i in itertools.count(1): # Foreach in the infinite list from 1 to ∞ ...


05AB1E, 3 bytes ∞€, Try it online! truncates the input, but in theory this would count forever. Also on, there's a [ at the beginning, which I don't know how to get rid of. Explanation ∞ # push infinite list ([1, 2, …, ∞]) € # pop a; apply next command for each in a , # pop a; print(a) (with newline)

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