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Sum of Binary Substrings

Brachylog, 17 12 bytes -5 bytes thanks to a tip from Unrelated String in chat ḃ{scẹ~ḃℕ}ᶠb+ Try it online! Explanation Unfortunately, ...
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Sum of Binary Substrings

Uiua SBCS, 17 bytes /+/◇⊂⍚°⋯⍚◫↘1⇡⊃⧻¤⋯ Try it!
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Sum of Binary Substrings

JavaScript (Node.js), 52 bytes f=x=>x&&g(x,i=1)+f(x>>=1)+x g=x=>x&-i&&x%i+g(x,i*=2) Try it online!
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Even-Odd chunks

Ruby, 35 bytes Returns an Enumerator that yields arrays of code points. ->s{s.bytes.slice_when{_1%2==_2%2}} Attempt This Online!
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