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Questions tagged [equation]

For challenges involving equations, in one or more variables.

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16 votes
19 answers

Infer pluses and minuses

The problem Consider an equation such as      "3 ± 2 ± 4 ± 1 = 4"      and determine if there exists a sequence of pluses and minuses that makes it arithmetically correct. If it exists, ...
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23 votes
10 answers

How many ways to cut a number into an equation?

Too bad! I had such a beautiful equation, but I lost all my =+-*, so there is nothing left but a chain of digits, looking like a number: ...
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10 votes
5 answers

Valid term from quadratic sequence?

You are given four numbers. The first three are \$a\$, \$b\$, and \$c\$ respectively, for the sequence: $$T_n=an^2+bn+c$$ You may take input of these four numbers in any way. The output should be ...
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3 votes
2 answers

Generate lowest degree polynomial from sequence [duplicate]

Introduction A sequence of numbers is passed in as the input. The program has to generate the lowest degree polynomial possible. This was my first programming project in college and it would be ...
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16 votes
15 answers

Transitive Equality

The Challenge Your program should take 3 inputs: A positive integer which is the number of variables, A set of unordered pairs of nonnegative integers, where each pair represents an equality between ...
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14 votes
11 answers

Find The Local Maxima And Minima

Definition The maxima and minima of a given function are the largest and smallest values of the function either within a given range or otherwise within the entire domain of the function. Challenge ...
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20 votes
17 answers

Find Integral Roots of A Polynomial

Challenge The challenge is to write a program that takes the coefficients of any n-degree polynomial equation as input and returns the integral values of x for which the equation holds true. The ...
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