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Make a ;#*:) interpreter [duplicate]

A few month back, I made a language called ;# (Semicolon Hash) and it started a little bit of a craze (it even got its own tag, as you can see). But, as with ...
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Make a Brainfuck Interpreter [duplicate]

There already is a Brainfuck interpreter question, but it is from 2011 and not up to date with current site standards and vague in places. I have proposed reposting this in chat, and it was well-...
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One source, lots of Brainfuck [duplicate]

Write a Brainfuck interpreter that can interpret multiple Brainfuck programs embedded within the same source. The syntax is the same except that the instructions must be prefixxed with the number/ID ...
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Integer square root of integer [closed]

Problem: In your choice of language, write the shortest function that returns the floor of the square root of an unsigned 64-bit integer. Test cases: Your function must work correctly for all ...
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How many elves does Santa need to deliver gifts?

Santa needs some help determining how many elves he will need to help him deliver gifts to each house. Coal is considerably heavier than presents, so santa will need three elves for every naughty ...
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Write a brainfuck translator

In any programming or scripting language x, write a program that takes a valid brainfuck sourcecode from stdin and output, to stdout, the sourcecode of a program, written in language x, that would ...
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Convert Chevrons to Soliduses

Write a program that takes in a string containing only spaces, newlines, and angle brackets: <, > (chevrons). Output a ...
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Zero an arbitrarily large cell in Brainf***

Your task is to write a piece of code that zeros the current cell in the Brainfuck variant that, each cell can contain a signed integer of arbitrarily large magnitude, instead of the normal 0 to 255. ...
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Convert Brainfuck to a Non-Golfing Language

Input: Any Brainfuck program. This includes brainfuck programs with comments such as +++COMMENT[>+++<-].. Output: A program in one of the below languages that ...
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Write a brainfuck compiler

Write a program that takes a brainfuck program and compiles it to executable machine code. You can target x86, x86_64, jvm (java bytecode) or armv6, and use one of the following executable formats: ...
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Trivial Brainf**k Substitution Interpreter

Brainf**k is the most famous esoteric programming language and is the inspiration for hundreds of other esoteric languages. In fact, there are quite a few languages that are so heavily based off of ...
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What is a good way to deal with tasks that require arrays using Haskell?

Often a task requires real arrays. Take for instance the task to implement Befunge or ><>. I tried to use the Array module for this, but it's really cumbersome, ...
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Acrostic polyglot programming [closed]

The challenge is to write an acrostic piece of code. When read normally (horizontally), the code should take an input string and remove all but the first character on each line. For example, the ...
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