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"Hello, World!"

So... uh... this is a bit embarrassing. But we don't have a plain "Hello, World!" challenge yet (despite having 35 variants tagged with hello-world, and counting). While this is not the most ...
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Trick or Treat polyglot

Since Halloween is coming up I thought I might start a fun little code golf challenge! The challenge is quite simple. You have to write a program that outputs either ...
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The Versatile Integer Printer

Write a piece of code that is executable in at least three different languages. The code must output the integer 1 in language number one, ...
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When was this language released?

Your challenge is simple. You need to write a program that prints to either STDOUT or a file the year the language it is written in was released. Because this is such a simple task, the twist is that ...
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A Different Kind of Meta Regex Golf

Notice: Following popular demand I have slightly relaxed the rules: The maximum regex size grows by 1 byte every 5 answers. Answer N may use up to 29 + ⌈N/5⌉ bytes. The score of each answer ...
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Wait, what language is this?

Recently I had the pleasure of writing a Haskell program that could detect if the NegativeLiterals extension was engaged. I came up with the following: ...
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Hello World in Multiple Languages

Task Create a program or a function that is valid in multiple programming languages, and when compiled/interpreted as a different language outputs "Hello, World!" in a different natural language. ...
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All you have to do is print the number 1! ...Twice

Your task In your language of choice: create a program that outputs 1 This 1 may either be a string or value equivalent to the ...
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Add a egaugnaL to a polyglot

This is an answer-chaining question, which means that all answers are affected by those before them. The task The n-th answer to this question must run in all languages that are present in answers ...
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Tips for creating polyglots

A polyglot is a program that can be run in 2 or more different programming languages. What general tips do you have for making polyglots, or choosing languages that are easy to write polyglots for a ...
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MacGyver's Toolbox [duplicate]

In this question each answer will get a "toolbox" that can be used to construct a program/function. The toolbox will consist of two things: a list of programming languages a list of valid characters ...
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Do you know that language?

Task: Your challenge is, given previous submissions and itself as input, output the language that they're written in, in the following format: Say the first program is in Ruby. It must output ...
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Write an interpreter for 99

99 (pronounced "ninety-nine") is a brand new Esoteric programming language (not to be confused with 99, note the italics). Your task in this challenge is to write an interpreter for 99 that ...
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Unfolding the Hexagony source code

Introduction If you're not familiar with Hexagony, it's an esoteric language created by Martin Büttner. The thing is that this language accepts multiple forms for the program. The following programs ...
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Output a program that outputs a program ... that outputs PPCG

Challenge: Write a code that, when executed will output the source code of a second program that can be executed in another language. The second program should output the source code of a third ...
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