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Pablo Oliva
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I have tinkered with computers ever since I was in elementary school. At age 17, I discovered programming and became instantly hooked by it. At age 25, I had the privilege of getting my first job in a team full of passionate learners who worked really hard to master their craft.

Ever since then, I have always enjoyed working with people who love programming and love sharing their skills: no matter the job title, be it Software Engineer, Scrum Master or Solutions Developer, I enjoy workdays the most when someone in my team is learning something new (especially when that someone is me!).

My strongest suit is C++ development, but as time goes on I find more and more tools that I enjoy trying out and using to solve the challenge I'm facing at the moment. There is no language or tool that is too daunting when one is surrounded by a team that loves learning and sharing.

When I am away from the keyboard, I love learning languages and cooking new recipes.

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