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Score a Scrabble Play

Background In Scrabble, players take turns placing tiles on a grid so that each contiguous set of (more than one) tiles in every row and column makes a word. In one play, tiles can be placed anywhere ...
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Make a Scrabble Word Finder

Yes, I know there is a similar question, but this one specifically concerns any possible words, even with letters left over, while the linked one restricts to a permutation of the input Objective ...
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Worn-tile Scrabble

Problem You're stuck in a cabin in the middle of the woods, with only an old scrabble set to entertain yourselves. Upon inspection you see that the scrabble letters are so worn, that only the points ...
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Draw an Empty Scrabble Board

A standard Scrabble board is a 15×15 grid of spaces to place letter tiles. Most of the spaces are blank but some are double word scores (pink), triple word scores (red), double letter scores (...
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Print all 2 letter Scrabble Words

The Challenge: Print every 2 letter word acceptable in Scrabble using as few bytes as possible. I have created a text file list here. See also below. There are 101 words. No word starts with C or V. ...
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Optimize the Scralphabet

Scralphabet A normal bag of Scrabble tiles contains the following letters (? is a blank tile, which can stand for any other letter): ...
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Determine a string's Scrabble score and validity

Your task is to determine if a given string is of proper length and can be represented with Scrabble tiles and, if so, output the sum of each letter's score. If you don't know how to play Scrabble:, ...
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Best Scoring Scrabble Board [closed]

Challenge Your challenge is simply to write a program in the language of your choosing that when run, determines the highest possible score for a board of Scrabble - For the sake of this challenge, a ...
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