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.-...--..---.-...--..... the red-nosed reindeer

Can you recover a sequence of letters from a sequence of dots and dashes? In Morse code, x is represented by -..-, but without ...
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Morse sudo-ku-de

Hehe, see what I did with the title? Anyways... Your job is to create a sudoku solver that accepts input in Morse code and creates output in Morse code. Here's the Morse code numbers for reference: <...
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They call me Inspector Morse

A string is dot-heavy when its morse representation contains more dots than dashes. For example, the letter E is a single dot, which means it is Dot-heavy. Input The input string will only contain ...
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Is this string a palindrome (in Morse Code)?

Challenge Inspired by this video. As you may know, a palindrome is a word that is spelled the same forward as it is backward. The word "PULP" is not a palindrome, but when translated into ...
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Translate Morse code based on tone duration

Goal Morse code is often represented as sound. Given a stream of bits that represent whether sound is on or off, translate the stream into letters and numbers and spaces. Specifics The bit stream ...
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Write a formatted Morse code cheatsheet

Challenge: Write a program that produces the following output: ...
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Write a Morse Calculator

Write a program or function that takes a mathematical expression in Morse code as input, and returns the solution in Morse code. Valid operations are plus: + and ...
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Retrograde morse (d)e(n)coder

This question is inspired by retrograde music. Retrograde music is a piece of music that can both be played normally (from the beginning to the end) as reversed (from the end the beginning). A similar ...
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Morse the New Year

This is Weekly Challenge #1. Theme: Audio Processing Your task is to write a program, which writes an audio file to disc (in a format of your choice), which contains the Morse code for ...
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Morse Decode Golf

I've become alarmed with the growing hatred of spaces and this answer has inspired me to make sure Morse code is safe from this insidious removal of whitespace. So, your task will be to create a ...
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Write a hash function for Morse Code [closed]

Your goal is to write a hash function, that accepts morse code character and returns a hash code that you get to define. You can be sure, passed string will be: One of the Latin characters (A-Z) ...
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Morse code to standard output

This question involves taking input in Morse code as . (period) and - (minus symbol), with spaces to separate the input. Your task is to convert the code to standard output. You can assume that the ...
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Morse code generator in sound [closed]

Inspired by the Morse code question, and the Twinkle Twinkle little star question, write a program to accept a letter and generate the morse code audio for that letter.
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Morse code translator

Write the shortest program to transform the standard input into Morse code. Characters not in the table should be printed as they are.
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