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Count characters in lo..ol and print a phrase [duplicate]

Assuming 'lol' with a variavle number of 'o's. Print a the following phrase: What does 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th ... 'o' stand for? Examples: ...
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cardinal numbers into ordinal numbers [duplicate]

Description : Given an input (a string , array , integer) , Your job is to append one of the following to it. st , nd , rd , th . Examples : ...
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Hello World in 1024 characters [closed]

In exactly 1024 characters, no more, no less: Must print Hello World. Must not use unnecessary whitespace. Must not use comments. Judging should favor ...
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Tips for golfing in 05AB1E

Do you have any tips for code-golfing in 05AB1E, a golfing language created by Adnan? Your tips should be at least somewhat specific to 05AB1E. Please post one tip per answer.
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It's a yearly task, alright

Given a number 1≤n≤365, output the nth day of the year in "Day-numberth Month" format. For example, given 1, you should output "1st January", without "of". The Gregorian calendar will be used and the ...
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Where will your buddies sit?

You and some buddies are going bowling. There are a total of N bowlers. However, there are only N-1 chairs to sit in. The solution is simple: whoever's turn it currently is doesn't get a chair. Then ...
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Short Date into English Long Date

Convert short date format into English long date in as few bytes as possible. Input Input will be in the form of a string with format, yyyy-mm-dd, with zero padding ...
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Using two linked programs, output ordinal numbers up to n

...Ordinal numbers (or ordinal numerals) are words representing position or rank in a sequential order. From Wikipedia. Your task is, using 2 separate programs (of which can be made from 2 different ...
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Adjust your Chair

Challenge You just bought a brand new chair! Problem is, you have no idea how to control it so you'll need to write a program to do it for you. You can only sit in the unadjusted chair for so long. ...
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The knight's next tour

We've all heard of the Knight's Tour puzzle: find a route for a knight that passes through all the squares on a chess board. But let's be honest, it's a little bit boring. So, let's give the knight a ...
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