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I'm a computer technician for a great Gold Coast MSP, with a focus on finding solutions to interesting problems. I'm also a C# developer, occasionally at work but mostly in my free time. I love finding solutions to interesting problems and have developed a reasonably degree of expertise in things like LINQ, databases (SQL geeks of the world JOIN!) and obscure data structures.

My first real programming was done in 6502 assembly code, hand-assembled and entered as data statements. Glad those days are well behind me. Since then I've written programs of various complexities in 6 different assembly codes and over 20 different high-level languages. Love the C# language, but if pressed I can still manage in various others.

Love hanging out on SO, even if I do get a little disappointed at some of the questions and answers. Everyone knows how IEnumerable works internally, right? What do you mean you haven't read the source???

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