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George Willcox
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I'm in my second year at the University of Cambridge, reading Computer Science.

Programming is something that has always fascinated me, I code mostly in python, but also do work in C# and Java.

I use Python to make games and other applications with the pygame module. This is as, personally, I find it more interesting as a programmer to create my games from scratch - even though it still is satisfying using an engine. I have made several applications, including a graphical calculator, a 3D raster graphics engine, a space simulator, a 2D physics engine, an application to render Lindenmayer systems, and many many games.

Scratch was the very first type of programming I ever did, and is what got me into programming. I have become quite experienced at using it now, after a quite long while. I now create physics simulations and small games on it in my spare time. I've created platformers and more advanced things like this Mine Cart Simulation, as well a couple of other small projects.

I'm quite new to coding and still have a lot to learn.


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