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67 votes

The Pedant's Cosine

59 votes

Make it explode!

52 votes

Hello, World! (Every other character)

48 votes

Duck, duck, goose!

43 votes

Print the Stack Exchange favicon

36 votes

Goodbye Cruel World!

34 votes

3D ASCII Block Building

34 votes

Chaos is an ASCII ladder

29 votes

Implement a Simple Stopwatch

27 votes

GCD / LCM Polyglots!

25 votes

Write Moby Dick, approximately

25 votes

Hast Thou Slain the Jabberwock?

24 votes

Happy Birthday, Finland!

23 votes

Stay away from zero

20 votes

Coffee Machine Machine

20 votes

Shifting-Oriented Programming

20 votes

Compare two numbers given as strings

19 votes

Turn an integer n into a list containing it n times

18 votes

Reversed language name

16 votes

No A, just CAPS LOCK

14 votes

Longest Non-Repeating Substring

13 votes

Non-discriminating Programming

12 votes

Output the language name times the number of characters

12 votes

The prime frog 🐸

12 votes

Smallest Zeroless Base

12 votes

That's a lot of monkeys

12 votes

How did I end up with this FizzBuzz?

11 votes

Reciprocal of a number (1/x)

11 votes

Let's do some "deciph4r4ng"

11 votes

A list of number modulus their indices in the list

2 3 4 5