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Implement an encoder for RFC 1924 IPv6 Addresses
2 votes

Pyth, 93 91 bytes Ks[jkUTrG1G"!#$%&()*+-;<=>?@^_`{|}~")$from ipaddress import*;z=int(ip_address(z))$sm@Kdjz85 Second submission in Pyth! Can't try online because $ is unsafe. When tested ...

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ASCII Box rendering
1 votes

Pyth, 162 145 bytes J\+K*h.MZm+@d1@d3Q]*h.MZm+@d0@d2QdD:GHb XKHX@KHGb;V_QDlTR@NTVl3Vl2:+l0b+l1H?|qHtl3qH0\-?|qbtl2qb0\|d)):l0l1J:+l0tl2l1J:l0+l1tl3J:+l0tl2+l1tl3J;jK You can try it here Output of ...

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Matching Adjacent Words
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Pyth, 37 31 bytes &qZ-FmldK.zqY-m.a-FdCmmCkSdK[Z1 Try it online with all test cases! Shaved off 6 bytes by using the shortened reduce notation (-F instead of .U-bZ) Solution inspired by Dennis ...

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