Upendra Sengar

I'm an excellent full stack web developer with more than 4 years of AngularJs/Javascript experience. Over the recent years I have been involved in many projects including Market place, SaaS, Social Website, Mobile backend and others based on solid understanding of OOPS concepts.

Front end technology stack JS framework: Angular(1.x and 2.x), ReactJS, EmberJS HTML, CSS3, SASS/SCSS, Bootstrap, Less, Zurb foundation, Stylus Javascript, jquery etc.

I have also developed my capabilities in Adobe Illustrator/InDesign and Photoshop through Scripts and plugins. According to the needs and demands of the job, I can deliver adequate automation solutions and the layouts of the final document created with the help of the scripts.

I have gained excellence in providing:

  • Adobe applications Cross platform (OS X/ Windows) scripts in JavaScript Adobe InDesign/Photoshop/Illustrator extensions (html5/flex panels)
  • Plug-in programming (PhotoShop automation plugins, filter plugins, OpenCV integration)
  • Complex data merge, database driven layouts
  • Database driven layouts
  • Automated layout processing in InDesign.
  • Integrated Creative Suite solutions (mixed Photoshop/InDesign/Illustrator solutions)
  • web upload/download OS X standalone applications (Cocoa/Objective-C) are some of the other skills, I have gained expertise into.
  • Graphic design, typography & layout (Adobe InDesign, Adobe PhotoShop)
  • Web layouts and programming (HTML/CSS/PHP - CakePHP/MySQL/JavaScript - jQuery,Python)

I make continuous efforts to sharpen my skills, my competencies, and my capabilities. There is no doubt that if given a chance, I will prove my knowledge and skills in the best possible way I can!

A zealous, assiduous and concerned youngster. I believe in the notion that hard work and determination can move mountains and my endeavors show that my belief is justified!

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