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Started out as a C/C++ simpleton (around 1987).
Leveled up to a C/C++ VB6 (later C#) simpleton (around 2001).
C# LINQ came and people started talking functional gibberish - I got curious.
Leveled up to C/C++ F#, Haskell, Erlang, Ocaml simpleton. Was around 2012.
With C++11 and successors I needed to drop C++ because it became ridiculous. Considered to become a Rust simpleton. But after a while, I found myself thinking that Rust is in the uncanny valley of "clerical systems programming languages with allusions of being a high level language".
I ended my exploratory language voyage with Common Lisp and now I would call myself a C++/Common Lisp simpleton. As 2020 draws to a close, I just decided that Common Lisp will remain my main high level language for at least 2021. And possibly beyond that.

In 2021 I will also look into verilog/vhdl programming, given I am an electrical engineer and want to reconnect to my inner soldering iron ;)

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