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57 votes

A simple TCP server

46 votes

Print numbers from 1 to 10

45 votes

Sing Happy Birthday to your favourite programming language

43 votes

418: I'm a teapot

40 votes

Print some JSON

38 votes

Draw the Olympic Games logo

36 votes

Tips for golfing in Bash

32 votes

Make a scalable Christmas Tree

26 votes

Advanced Code Golf - Write a small HTTP server

26 votes

Sort characters by darkness

25 votes

Olympic Games Logo - Free Style Edition

24 votes

Make a scalable Christmas Tree

20 votes

Rock Paper Scissors

19 votes

(Re)Implementing Tetris

18 votes

Tell me my console dimensions!

17 votes


16 votes

Showcase of Languages

16 votes

Shortest code to post a string to WebServer

16 votes

Well that's odd... no wait, that's even!

15 votes

Draw the flag of Bangladesh

15 votes

Go generate some Java

15 votes

Is this number a prime?

15 votes

Hello world! with limited character repetition

15 votes

Let's simulate a random snowflake

15 votes

So... what is your StackOverflow score?

14 votes

Color RGB int to hex

14 votes

List all times in the day at a half hour rate

14 votes

Print a 10 by 10 grid of asterisks

13 votes

Bracket Expansion!

12 votes

Make a ;# interpreter

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