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Return 1 - Popularity Contest
37 votes

Golf Script 1 It took a long time to optimise this code to its most pure, and dare I say it - beautiful form. Such elegance of the language does not come without years of dedicated practice. The ...

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Write ASCII-Art Obfuscated Code, read as, and resulting in: "DFTBA"
21 votes

Piet, Score Uncertain (153ish) I understand that this doesn't strictly fit within the specifications (requiring ASCII art), however the source code does provide a very readable DFTBA. The trace is ...

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Encode Images into Tweets (Extreme Image Compression Edition)
13 votes

My first attempt. This has room for improvement. I think that the format itself actually works, the issue is in the encoder. That, and I'm missing individual bits from my output... my (slightly higher ...

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Shortest expression for {0, 3, 2, 5, 0, 3, 5, 1, 4, 6, 2, 4}
8 votes

35.3 I suspect this may be the least efficient method to create the list: 1.7801122128869781e+003 * n - 1.7215267321373362e+003 * n ^ 2 + 8.3107487075415247e+002 * n ^ 3 - 2.0576746235987866e+002 ...

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BattleBots: The Tournament
3 votes

CunningPlanBot (Python 3.3) This is completely untested under the actual interface... It does work correctly with the maps at least! It's written for Python 3.3 What it does: If in Phase 1 - If ...

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Generate Pascal's triangle
3 votes

F♯ - 203 characters My first attempt at a round of code golf, and first attempt at functional programming. There is probably some obvious way to shorten it I haven't quite figured out yet. It complies ...

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Code Golf: Directory Tree -> Tree
2 votes

Powershell - 182 Char function A([string]$b){write-host -NoNewline '['; ls -path $b|foreach{if($_.PSIsContainer){A($_.FullName)}ELSE{write-host -NoNewline $f'[]';$f=', '}};write-host -NoNewline ']'};...

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Golf you a quine for great good!
1 votes

F♯# - 349 Characters let s="\\\"\nnlet s=let z a b=s.Substring(a,b)System.Console.WriteLine()z 4 6+z 1 1+z 0 1+z 0 1+z 0 1+z 1 1+z 0 1+z 3 1+z 3 1+z 4 169+z 1 1+z 2 1+z 10 26+z 2 1+z 36 25+z ...

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What's my name? Produce the name of the language indirectly
0 votes

F♯ - 187 Char I had some fun with this - even if it's not really golfed. I should come up with a cleverer way to obscure the 72 and 2 though let a="It's like OCaml... But .net!"|>Seq....

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