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I'm interested in advancing from writing small software only I use to projects others will enjoy. If it means money to pay the bills, even better!

I have worked with a lot of technologies, from home-computer BASIC and assembly to C to Ruby and JavaScript. I would cautiously say that the language that most excites me currently is Clojure, but I'm open to lots of things.

I like learning about how things from one perspective or paradigm are implemented in another, e.g. object-oriented behavior out of a procedural language like C. The functional worldview seems like one I would be well-served to really take the time to learn and practice.

My day-to-day personal computing setup is in Mac OS X, but I also use a Linux desktop as a backup server and for general tinkering; and I use Windows 7 at work. I feel pretty comfortable in all three.

I haven't been terribly active on StackExchange lately, but I'm hoping to remedy that, as long as I don't let it overshadow actual coding.

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