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Recreate an xkcd graph procedurally with your favorite plotting tool
5 votes

Python Makes use of the slightly cheat-y xkcd method in matplotlib: import numpy as np import matplotlib.pyplot as plt from scipy.ndimage.filters import gaussian_filter1d plt.xkcd() x = np....

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Map a random number to pi
1 votes

Python, 147 bytes import math as m,random as r L=lambda t:[_ for _ in str(t)] p=L(m.pi) R=L(r.random()) A="" print R #subtracted from byte count for n in p: try:R.remove(n);A+=n except:A+='x' ...

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Running length of the movie in a human readable format
0 votes

Python 2, 102 bytes a=int(raw_input().split()[0]);h=a/60;m=a%60;l="s\0";print"%s hour%s %s minute%s"%(h,l[h==1],m,l[m==1])

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