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125 votes

A keyboard so real you can almost TASTE it

105 votes

I double the source, you double the output!

61 votes

Loading... Forever

41 votes

Divisibility test

40 votes

Are the brackets fully matched?

39 votes

Happy Birthday V!

39 votes

Golf you a quine for great good!

38 votes

It was just a bug

37 votes

2 Cats in a Quine

36 votes

No A, just CAPS LOCK

34 votes

Simulate keystrokes

34 votes

Animate the text in your terminal

31 votes

Make a "Ceeeeeeee" program

30 votes

Find the First Bracket Match

28 votes

Alphabet Diamond

28 votes

Expand a C array

27 votes

End the tabs versus space war

27 votes

Write a Quine Suite

26 votes

Print a 10 by 10 grid of asterisks

26 votes

Add a language to a polyglot

26 votes

Print the Oscars Best Picture Winner

25 votes


25 votes

Print a Lego piece

25 votes

Sum of all integers from 1 to n

24 votes

Generate 100 Java Tuple classes

22 votes

A square of text

21 votes

Output a string's cumulative slope

21 votes

Add two numbers

21 votes

Rock, Polyglot, Scissors

20 votes

Reciprocal of a number (1/x)

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