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Stephen Rodriguez
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I am a talented software developer with extensive development experience in building powerful and innovative applications for large enterprises, and many small startups. With my B.S. in Computer Science and M.S. in Software Security, I apply a security-first approach to all of my work in making sure that only the safest, and most secure applications are released to market.

During the last few years, I have had the pleasure of working with many impressive companies such as Gartner, Pepsi, IBM, and many more. I first entered the field as a front-end developer where I quickly gained the back-end knowledge to become well versed as a full-stack engineer. Since then, I have continued to amass experience in over 20 programming languages and thousands of open source modules.

Beyond just my career experience, I hold a deep passion for the world of open source and the benefits it provides to both individuals and large corporations. As such, I keep an active GitHub profile and contribute as often as I can to interesting projects while publishing a few valuable projects of my own. In addition, I also enjoy the occasional opportunity to write technical articles and provide mentoring sessions within my own workplace to help educate my peers on industry best practices and to form study groups to discuss the our own road-maps for career success.

Overall, I truly believe in providing the very best of myself to anyone I work with, or collaborate with. I am strong hearted man with a contagious drive for success and a "go-getter" attitude towards success.

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