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Currently as Senior Lead Salesforce Consultant, I have expertise in almost all features and the few modules of Salesforce Platform like Service, Sales, Marketing cloud etc.
During few years I have been involved in design, develop, review phases of various implementations, high end Appexchange products which are running successfully and one of the most expensive paid applications on the cloud. I hold 2 Salesforce certification I needed.

I like to contribute in all technologies which I learned using all possible but good channels like Stackexchange. Started from the C background a few years ago after get involved in Java language. After doing significant Java now working full time on Salesforce along with other platforms and frameworks like Heroku, iOS, AngularJS, Bootstrap etc. Learning, Teaching, Contributing, Presenting, Marketing about Salesforce is my part of daily activities.

For any query about salesforce I am approachable directly via twitter and linkedin. I will try to respond every request in favourable time.

Salesforce Expertise

That's Fun a few Know!

BY DAY: Alt-Rock Ninja Cowgirl at Veridian Dynamics.

BY NIGHT: I write code and code rights for, an awesome non-profit that will totally take your money at that link. My kids are cuter than yours.

FOR FUN: C+ Jokes, Segway Roller Derby, NYT Sat. Crosswords (in Sharpie!), Ostrich Grooming.

"If you see scary things, look for the helpers-you'll always see people helping."-Fred Rogers

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Feb 24, 2014