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135 votes

Draw with your CPU

108 votes

Print a Negative of your Code

100 votes

Trolling the troll

69 votes

Print a smiley face

58 votes

Make a PNG image with "Hello World!" with programming APIs, in the shortest code possible

55 votes

Make a circle illusion animation

50 votes

Weirdest obfuscated "Hello World!"

49 votes

Make a scalable Christmas Tree

44 votes

Periodic Table of Elements - Code Golf

42 votes

Goodbye, world!

41 votes

Tweetable Mathematical Art

41 votes

Deletion of a blank line in source code which causes unexpected functionality

40 votes

Pi is still wrong

40 votes

Write a piece of code to output the line number of the print / output statement itself (in the form "Hello World, from line X!")

36 votes

May the 4th be with you!

33 votes

Generate an understandable sentence

32 votes

Create an analogue clock

31 votes

Render a version of the BBC Micro owl logo

30 votes

Create a random 3D asteroid

29 votes

Display the explosion of a star in ASCII-art

26 votes

Freehand red circles

25 votes

Determine if a number is prime without using arithmetic

24 votes

Write a Rectangular Program that Outputs the Number of Times it was Rotated

24 votes

Generate a 1920 x 1080 graphic with 2,073,600 unique colours

23 votes

Morse code to standard output

22 votes

4, 8, 15, 16, 23, 42

21 votes

Make the Matrix Digital Rain using the shortest amount of code

21 votes

Draw the Olympic Games logo

20 votes

Write an aphorism using valid code

19 votes

Print your code backwards - reverse quine

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