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Can you give me half? (No digits)
22 votes

Python 3, 117 bytes Try it online! (lambda n:round(sum(__import__('random').random()for _ in range(n))/n,ord('B')-ord('A')))(ord('~')*ord('~')*ord('~')) This takes the average of a bunch of random ...

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Write a C++ demangler
13 votes

Python 3, 460 417 362 355 bytes Try it online! -43 bytes thanks to @Easyaspi -55 bytes thanks to @ovs -7 bytes thanks to @Arnauld import re m=input()[2:] o="" def a(): global m,o if"I&...

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Snap (card game)
6 votes

JavaScript (Node.js), 483 426 bytes -57 bytes thanks to @emanresu A Takes a list of strings as input and indexes from 0. Try it online! a=>{>[...p]);e=[];t=[];o=[];i=0;g=a.length;m=n=&...

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Will the Hydra finally die?
3 votes

Python 3, 56 bytes Try it online! lambda h,a,g,t:h+sum(z*(x-y)for x,y,z in zip(g,a,t))in a

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