Word Puzzles are "problems" presented to users, consisting of spelling/vocabulary challenges. The "problem" is solved when the user(s) decipher the correct spelling.

Note: the Word Puzzle excerpt is not definitive, as there are quite a few different kinds of Word Puzzles, as well as varieties of the different types. It does fit the majority of the spectrum, loosely.

Word Puzzles come in many flavors; the largest types are listed here:
Letter Arrangement Games (Scrabble)
Fill-In-The-Blanks Games (Crosswords)
Structured Games (focusing on Semantics, like Charades)
Linguistic Recreations (Games based on words and letters like Palindromes, Anagram, etc.)

A 'dictionary' (list of words) is normally supplied with the challenge, usually specifying some file or online resource (although in this case, copy/pasting into a file is required, to avoid standard loopholes.)

These usually involve bots or programs to solve these problems (such as a program to find anagrams.)

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