A competition to solve a particular problem through the usage and manipulation of strings.

Challenges dealing with free-form string input should generally clarify...

  • ...the range of characters that needs to be supported. Only alphanumeric ASCII characters? Printable ASCII? All of ASCII? All of Unicode?
  • ...if relevant, the encoding to be used for input and output. Most challenges won't need to (and shouldn't) specify this, as some languages will natively work with different encodings. However, in some cases the challenge might depend on a particular encoding (e.g. if counting the bytes of the encoded string is involved).
  • ... if the code needs to deviate from the community consensus default of case-sensitivity (i.e., A is treated as different than a). Unless the challenge has a unique problem requiring explicitly case-insensitive manipulation, inserting a case-insensitive handling requirement should be avoided.

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