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11 votes

Flip a coin in Lost

Lost, 64 62 bytes -2 bytes thanks to Wheat wizard ...
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1 vote

Random dice tipping

Python, 87 bytes from random import* p=0 print(*[p:=choice([*{1,2,3,4,5,6}-{p,7-p}])for _ in range(10)]) Attempt This Online!
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  • 1,263
1 vote

Random dice tipping

Perl 5, 53 bytes say map$b=(grep$_+$b-7&&$_-$b,1..6)[rand!$b*2+4],0..9 Try it online!
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  • 15.1k
1 vote

Random dice tipping

Vyxal, 12 bytes ₀(:7ε"6ɾ$F℅… Try it Online! ...
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  • 38.4k

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