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naz, 122 bytes 2a2x1v7a8m1o3d4m9a1o3d3s1o1x1f5r3x1v2e1o1f0x1x2f0a0x1f0m9a2a4m1o9s3s1o2m9a1o2d3a1o3m8s1o3d4s1o3m9a5a1o9s4s1o9a9a7a1o3d7s1o Uses a lot of arithmetic instructions to set the register to each of the character values in the dad-joke format. Works for any input file terminated with the control character STX (U+0002). Explanation (with 0x ...


Clojure - 36 Bytes #(str"Hi "(subs %4)", I'm Clojure!") Trivial solution is trivial, probably has room for improvement


Wren, 37 bytes Fn.new{|x|"Hi%(x[3..-1]), I'm Wren!"} Try it online! Explanation Fn.new{|x| } // New anonymous function "Hi // The hi section %(x[3..-1]) // THe input sliced, without the "I'm" , I'm Wren!" // THe third part, the remaining of the ...


42 (or 44 with delimiters) ^.(e[^r]|ic)|x.|..me|ia|ti|.l..|nn$|[^u]s$ - Try it online! ^.(e[^r]|ic)|x.|..me|ia|[adjlu]...$|[^u]s$ - Try it online!

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