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Build a working game of Tetris in Conway's Game of Life

This began as a quest but ended as an odyssey. Quest for Tetris Processor, 2,940,928 x 10,295,296 The pattern file, in all its glory, can be found here, viewable in-browser here. This project is the ...
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Build a working game of Tetris in Conway's Game of Life

Part 2: OTCA Metapixel and VarLife OTCA Metapixel (Source) The OTCA Metapixel is a construct in Conway's Game of Life that can be used to simulate any Life-like cellular automata. As the LifeWiki (...
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Build a working game of Tetris in Conway's Game of Life

Part 3: Hardware With our knowledge of logic gates and the general structure of the processor, we can start designing all the components of the computer. Demultiplexer A demultiplexer, or demux, is ...
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Build a working game of Tetris in Conway's Game of Life

Part 4: QFTASM and Cogol Architecture Overview In short, our computer has a 16-bit asynchronous RISC Harvard architecture. When building a processor by hand, a RISC (reduced instruction set computer)...
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Build a working game of Tetris in Conway's Game of Life

Part 6: The Newer Compiler to QFTASM Although Cogol is sufficient for a rudimentary Tetris implementation, it is too simple and too low-level for general-purpose programming at an easily readable ...
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Magic the Gathering: Friends or Foes?

JavaScript (ES6),  26 23 17 15  14 bytes Takes input as two ASCII codes in currying syntax (a)(b). Returns 4 for ...
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Score rock-paper-scissors

Groovy, 67 56 50 Bytes {a,b->Math.sin(1.3*((int)b[0]-(int)a[0])).round()} Try it online! Turns out that the rock, paper, scissors game has a pretty cool ...
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Cheat at Rock-Paper-Scissors-Lizard-Spock

Perl 6, 36 30 bytes {<Spock Lizard Rock>[.comb%4]} Try it online! Gets each output based on the length of the input modulo 4. I think this is probably the ...
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Rock, Polyglot, Scissors

Python, brainfuck and JavaScript, 103 99 bytes Yay under 100 bytes! ...
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Score rock-paper-scissors

C, 50 35 bytes #define f(i)*(short*)(i+7)%51%4%3-1 Call f with a string containing both players, without separator, and it ...
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Rock, Polyglot, Scissors

Python 2, Ruby, Retina, 90 83 bytes -7 bytes thanks to Value Ink s=['rock','paper','scissors'] print s[s.index((0and gets or input()))+(0and-2or-1)] Try it ...
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Magic the Gathering: Friends or Foes?

Python 2, 19 bytes "WUBRGWGRBUW".count Try it online! An anonymous function: returns 1 for friends and ...
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Magic the Gathering: Friends or Foes?

Jelly, 6 bytes ạg105Ị Takes two code points as argument. Yields 1 for friends, 0 for foes. Try it online! Background Let n and m be the code points of two ...
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Google's doodle on kids coding: shortest program solving all the levels

Not my answer 6 blocks The user Alex found a shorter solution, of length 6. I can confirm that their solution works: O(O(Br G G, 6) Br, 5) They attempted to ...
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Choose The Powerball Numbers!

Dyalog APL, 10 bytes (5?69),?26 Dyadic ? is ⍺ distinct random numbers in [1,⍵], and monadic ...
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Yahtzee Small Straight Detection

MATL, 7 12 11 9 8 6 bytes Thanks a lot to @lirtosiast for removing 2 bytes ud7BXf Truthy is an array of nonzero values. Falsy is empty array (no output displayed). ...
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Is my Diffy game degenerate?

Pyth, 6 bytes suaV+e Test suite This program is very suave. 0 (falsy) means all zeroes, anything else (truthy) means not all zeroes. How it works: ...
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Count without 3

Brachylog, 10 bytes <.='e3:I'* Try it online! Explanation ...
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Super Mario 64 RNG

x86 32-bit machine code, 21 bytes 89 C8 30 C4 86 C4 D1 E8 73 04 66 35 74 9E 66 35 74 E0 30 C8 C3 Try it online! Uses the ...
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Invert a Minesweeper Board

CJam, 58 57 bytes 0WX]2m*qN/{'*f+z}2*f{\~@m<fm<W<}:..+{W<{_'*#'*@'*-,?}/N}/ Input should not end with a linefeed. Output contains ...
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A game of dice, but avoid number 6

NeoBot Instead, only try to realize the truth - there is no spoon NeoBot peeks into the matrix (aka random) and predicts if the next roll will be a 6 or not - it can't do anything about being handed ...
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Magic the Gathering: Friends or Foes?

Befunge-98, 13 12 bytes ~~-9%5%3%!.@ Try it online! Prints 0 for friends and 1 for foes ...
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Rock, Polyglot, Scissors

V, Brain-flak, and Python 2, 97, 86, 81, 77, 75 bytes o='rock paper scissors'.split() lambda s:o[o.index(s)-1]#ddt.C rHd*wywVp Two bytes saved ...
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The Combinatorics of Transistor

CJam (56 bytes) q~4@:Nm*:$_&{:+1$\-N),&},f{1$1$:+-\0-:(_e`0f=+++:m!:/}:+ Online demo This is an optimised version of the reference implementation I ...
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Tool-Assisted Code Golf

Python 2, 69 48 46 44 bytes print"start\n\n"*19+(27*"A right\n"+"\n")*99 See it in action on youtube! Automatically found with (a modified version of) this ...
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Formic Functions - Ant Queen of the Hill Contest

Forensic Ants All my answers are sharing the same set of low-level helper functions. Search for "High-level logic begins here" to see the code specific to this answer. ...
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