This tag exists for historical reasons. New challenges of the type previously posted under this tag are not welcome.

Your task is to give a code that works, but it is still useless, severely frustrating the OP.

This could be achieved by:

  • Deliberately misinterpreting the question and giving code that clearly answers what the OP asked, but does something different than what they intended.
  • Giving code that runs in superexponential time or worse, when the trivial solution would be linear or better.
  • Introducing something extremely unacceptable or unreasonable in the code that cannot be removed without throwing everything away, rendering the answer utterly useless for the OP.
  • Writing code that is a direct and plain cheat on the question.
  • Being a creative troll.
  • Being evil.
  • etc...

In your answer, you should briefly explain what you are doing to troll the OP.

Further, we have some restrictions on answers:

  • The chosen language should not be the sole reason to troll the lazy OP. Otherwise, you could just plainly encode the correct solution using brainfuck, GolfScript, or some language that is clearly a crazy, unexpected or unusual choice for the problem, but this would ruin the intention of this as everybody would do that. The intention is to do the homework in a language that the lazy OP might think acceptable, but still frustrate him.
  • The program is in general expected to be amusing, annoying, silly, deceptive, useless, unhelpful and/or mischievous, but it must not be destructive. That is, do not post answers that deploy malware, that issues a rm -rf / command, that restart the OS, that corrupt files, and other similar nasty things.
  • Please be creative and original. Avoid trivial results such as printing a quote from the lazy OP question, or giving a fixed output of any sort. If the lazy OP asks "I need a program to output FOO", a program that is simply output FOO is not very meaningful (or even a good troll). Answers that do this may not be accepted.
  • Only answers that provide code should be eligible to win. Answers that provide no code might be fun and get some upvotes, but should not be accepted.

If you are willing to create a new code-trolling question, keep in mind that:

  • Your question should look natural and plausible. Artificially made-up questions are not fun and frequently provide very low-quality answers, and people will quickly tire of them.
  • Your question should not be trivial. Trivial questions provide too little space to develop a creative and original answer, tending to feature low-quality answers that bore people easily.
  • Avoid questions that are similar to previous questions. Questions that are similar to previous questions might feature answers that are similar to previous answers, making them repetitive.
  • Avoid overly-restrictive questions. They frequently limit the scope of answers and their creativity, making them much less interesting. Specifically, questions that ask for answers providing code that works in very specific ways doing very specific things or that are restricted to one or a few programming languages are low quality.
  • Avoid overly-broad or vague questions. Questions that are too open or have too little context result in low-quality answers that could apply to any question which isn't fun. This includes questions that do not describe the actual problem of the lazy OP, for example, "I have a problem, please help me".
  • The question must have clear winning criteria. On this site, every question must have an obvious path to picking the winning answer. It is not enough to state that in the problem description; you must add the specific tag too. For the winning criteria would normally be , but this will not be implied. You must add it yourself, be it or something else.