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An answer-chaining challenge is a challenge where previous answers to the challenge influence how new answers are produced.

What is answer-chaining?

Answer-chaining challenges are challenges where previous answers to the challenge influence how new answers are produced..

An answer-chaining question should have:

  • A clear explanation on how the previous answer(s) influence the next one.
  • A well-written guide on the restrictions in your challenge.
  • How to verify if an answer is valid, and what to do if it is found invalid later.
  • How the winner will be decided.
  • A list of things that should be noted in the answers.

Example questions

Here are some good examples to go by:

How do I answer these questions?

You should read the specification to see how the other answers influence yours, and how you should change your answer based on the other answers. Afterwards, you should add anything else that needs to be noted to the end of your answer.

If two or more users answered the question at about the same time, by default, the users who answered later should edit their answers to reflect the change of dependent answer(s). If they aren't fixed in a short period of time, the answers should usually be deleted by their owners.

Some questions requires the previous answer being verified before posting the next answer. In this case, you should wait until someone posted a comment saying the answer is verified, or verify it yourself.