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For challenges that involve partitioning a space (usually the plane) into small tiles without gaps (usually using a finite set of proto-tiles). See also [set-partitions].

6 votes

Tile the plane with this modified circle

IDL 8.3, 201 193 183 bytes The image is output into an IDL graphics window; I took a screenshot, below. EDIT: thanks to @AlexA. and @Sp3000 for helping me shave some bytes p=!pi/99*[0:99] q=p[49:0:-1] …
  • 1,814
1 vote

Tiling a 2^N by 2^N Grid with L-Shaped Trominoes

IDL 8.3+, 293 bytes This is too long, I'm trying to cut it down but I haven't gotten there yet. function t,n,x,y m=2^n c=['|','+','-'] b=replicate('0',m,m) if m eq 1 then return,b h=m/2 g=h-1 k=[1:h] …
  • 1,814