#Perl, <s>47</s> <s>43</s> 41 + 1 = 42 bytes

-4 bytes thanks to @Sunny Pun.  -2 bytes thanks to @Brad Gilbert b2gills and @Downgoat

Run with the `-n` flag.


It can definitely be golfed futher, but in the spirit of competition, I'm leaving the mostly-original regex I came up with at the beginning.
Returns nothing if true, `1` if false.

[Try it online!](https://tio.run/nexus/perl#@1@cWKmoH6dRrJGZZ69pX5Ocb19TopEIZufkAXF@un1Nqqa2iv7//yWJJSU5qSWJOanF/3Xz/uv6muoZGBoAAA "Perl – TIO Nexus")

I downloaded a dictionary file, and the longest word I found was 11 letters -- `tattletales`