# [APL, Mauris](https://codegolf.stackexchange.com/a/54683)

### Description

This was pretty much trial and error. I knew I had to insert a `¯` (negative number) and use mathematical functions like `○` (trigonometic) or `⍟` (logarithm) that yield complex number for negative input, or directly insert a `J` (imaginary part).

After *a lot* or errors, I finally tried **inserting a `¯` before `7` and a `⍟` before `/`**.

### Code


Try it online in [ngn/apl demo][1], the online interpreter recommended by the cop.

Note that this won't work in, e.g., Dyalog APL, which requires a space before the high minus.

[1]: http://ngn.github.io/apl/web/#code=-%u235F/3%u237415%AF7