## [axo], 13 bytes


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[axo]: https://esolangs.org/wiki/Axo
[TIO-jegaygwd]: https://tio.run/##S6zI//8/2qom2lC7Wtna0Fo3/v9/AA "axo – Try It Online"

### Explanation

This started out as a port of an alternative solution in [my Wumpus answer](https://codegolf.stackexchange.com/a/157469/8478):


This resulted in 18 bytes. I ended up golfing it down to the 13 bytes you see above to adjust it more to the way axo works. This 13-byte version then ended up inspiring the improvement down to 11 bytes in Wumpus, so now it's actually closer to that version.

As in Wumpus, in iteration **i**, the bottom of the stack holds **a(i)-1** and the top holds the first element of the **i**th run, but we're working with **0** and **1** throughout, except for printing.

    [:    Store a copy of the top of the stack in register A.
    |     Pull up a(i)-1 from the bottom of the stack.
    [1+{  Print a(i).
    #;    If a(i)-1 is 1, push the value in register A.
    1;-   Push another copy of that value and subtract it from 1 to swap
          0 and 1 for the next run.
    _     Jump back to the beginning of the program.