# [Jelly], 66 [bytes] (non-competing)

    ““DDoo  nn““oott  rreepp““eeaatt  yyoouurrss““eellff!!””ṛṛḷḷWWQQ€€

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### Factoid

The program still works if you remove every second character.

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### How it works

    ““DDoo  nn““oott  rreepp““eeaatt  yyoouurrss““eellff!!”

returns an array of string. The literal begins with a `“`, ends with a `”`, and the strings are delimited internally by `“`. The result is

    ["", "DDoo  nn", "", "oott  rreepp", "", "eeaatt  yyoouurrss", "", "eellff!!"]

The link's argument and the return value are set to this array of strings, then the remainder of the source code is executed.

    <literal>”ṛṛḷḷWWQQ€€  Argument/return value: A (string array)

             ”ṛ           Yield the character 'ṛ'.
               ṛ          Select the right argument of 'ṛ' and A: A.
                ḷ         Select the left argument of A and A: A.
                  W       Wrap; yield [A].
                 ḷ        Select the left argument of A and [A]: A.
                   W      Wrap; yield [A].
                    Q     Unique; deduplicate [A]. Yields [A].
                     Q€€  Unique each each; for each string s in A, deduplicate s.
[bytes]: https://github.com/DennisMitchell/jelly/wiki/Code-page
[Jelly]: https://github.com/DennisMitchell/jelly
[TIO1]: http://jelly.tryitonline.net/#code=4oCc4oCcRERvbyAgbm7igJzigJxvb3R0ICBycmVlcHDigJzigJxlZWFhdHQgIHl5b291dXJyc3PigJzigJxlZWxsZmYhIeKAneKAneG5m-G5m-G4t-G4t1dXUVHigqzigqw&input=
[TIO2]: http://jelly.tryitonline.net/#code=4oCcRG8gbuKAnG90IHJlcOKAnGVhdCB5b3Vyc-KAnGVsZiHigJ3huZvhuLdXUeKCrA&input=