#Dyalog APL, <s>24</s> <s>21</s> 19 bytes


[Try it online!](http://tryapl.org/?a=%7B2%u22A5%u2191%7B%u2375%5B%u234B%u2375%5D%7D%A8%u21932%u22A5%u2363%AF1%u22A2%u2375%7D10%2017%2019%2023&run) (modified so TryAPL accepts it as valid)

### How?

  - `⎕` evaluated input (arrays are space separated)
  - `2⊥⍣¯1⊢` converts each each of the arguments to binary (transposed of what is in the question)
  - `↓` turns a 2D array into a vector of vectors
  - `{⍵[⍋⍵]}¨` sorts each of the elements of the vector
  - `↑` turns the vector of vectors into a 2D array again
  - `2⊥` convert from binary (since it sort of transposes it, we arrive at the correct result)