# [brainfuck], 61 bytes


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[brainfuck]: https://github.com/TryItOnline/brainfuck
[TIO-jez4tau4]: https://tio.run/##FYpBCoBADAMfFLsvCPlI6EEFQQQPC76/dg9hZiDH3O/3@s6nCgPDw0oBWCPpEBSK1qRXNVOKcB@50V1IZdUP "brainfuck – Try It Online"

Prints numbers as char codes indefinitely. For clarity, [here's a version](https://tio.run/##lYxBCoBADAPP7VfW7gtCPlJ6UEEQwYPg@2v3sncDgQkk2Z71vI93vzJbb11dpU39Y1HpKjb1j1WcwboZBuDGRqMVhgp8ZMRg0syrjAWOmgQ1Mj8) that prints in numbers (except for the first two elements, which are easy enough to verify).

###How It Works:

    +.+. Prints the first two elements. These are the self-referential elements
         This also intitialises the tape with the third element, 2
    [ Start infinite loop
       . Print current lowest element
       [>]>+++>+++ Move to end of tape and create two 3s
       <<<[->+>->-<<<] Subtract the last element of the tape from these 3s
       <[[->+<]<]>> Move to the beginning of the tape
       --  Subtract two from the first element
           This leaves 2 as 0 and 1 as -1
       [ If the number was 1
         [>]<,  Delete the excess element from the end of the tape
         <[<]>+ Remove the -1
       > Move to the next element of the list