# [Zsh], 18 bytes

Abusing the short form of the `for` and implicit short command list. Will report "Command not found" for the first iteration, but will continue to the second and then crash.

<!-- language-all: lang-sh -->

    for i (1 0) $[i/i]

[Try it online!][TIO-jtrh6sb5]

[Zsh]: https://www.zsh.org/
[TIO-jtrh6sb5]: https://tio.run/##qyrO@P8/Lb9IIVNBw1DBQFNBJTpTPzP2v42NjYJSeKpCSmZKnnqJQnJRYnGGntJ/AA "Zsh – Try It Online"

EDIT: Boringly, `for i (- exit) $i` is one character shorter.