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#GIF - 93 bytes (not a serious entry)

I fail for hardcoding, one of the standard loopholes, but you have to admit I'm winning the byte count :p

GIF87a  ¡ kŒÿã%jk±4%,       6„‡héj„Af-ÕdÎy\%    …R˜0”ŒÈJ­³I©±²û“ú=ª$±p%i¸•¤  ;

As seen in Notepad++

screenshot in NP++

#As PHP - 131 bytes (still not serious)

<? header("Content-Type:image/gif");?>GIF87a  ¡ kŒÿã%jk±4%,       6„‡héj„Af-ÕdÎy\%  …R˜0”ŒÈJ­³I©±²û“ú=ª$±p%i¸•¤  ;