# [Gol><>], 36 bytes

    "r2ss6&56F:M}R` &:P&Fo|ao{|;what????

This one's code is smaller, but it still comes out to the same amount sadly, the comment takes up the remainder of the space.

[Try it online!][TIO-js6i8x3e]

[Gol><>]: https://github.com/Sp3000/Golfish
[TIO-js6i8x3e]: https://tio.run/##S8/PScsszvj/X6nIqLjYTM3UzM3KtzYoQUHNKkDNLb8mMb@6xro8I7HEHgj@/wcA "Gol><> – Try It Online"

**slightly younger version, 36 bytes**

    "r2ss156F:M}F` o|:PP}Fo|ao{{|;Wowza!

Wowza! Heh, I just used that to fill some space, but the program works, to golf down, I used a few prepushed values rather than using variables!

[Try it online!][TIO-js6hmyun]

[TIO-js6hmyun]: https://tio.run/##S8/PScsszvj/X6nIqLjY0NTMzcq31i1BIb/GKiCg1i2/JjG/urrGOjy/vCpR8f9/AA "Gol><> – Try It Online"

**Older version, 42 bytes**

    "r2ss0V_~6:&F&:M&F` o|_PPV_Fo|ao|;empty...

This has a trailing newline, and has more chars than i would like...

I'm going to be golfing this severely...

[Try it online!][TIO-js6gmwgc]

[TIO-js6gmwgc]: https://tio.run/##S8/PScsszvj/X6nIqLjYICy@zsxKzU3NylfNLUEhvyY@ICAs3i2/JjG/xjo1t6CkUk9P7/9/AA "Gol><> – Try It Online"