# [C (gcc)], <s>18</s> 17 bytes

<!-- language: lang-c -->


Note that there's an ETX byte (**0x03**) between `@` and `)`.

This has been tested with gcc 6.3.1 on Fedora 25 and gcc 4.8.4 on Ubuntu 14.04.4, where it prints the following output.



Although it does work in two different versions on two different distros, it's not very portable. For example, it does not work with gcc 4.8.3 on openSUSE.

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[C (gcc)]: https://gcc.gnu.org/
[Try it online!]: https://tio.run/nexus/bash#S04sUbBTKCzNzEvVS1awsVHQ@5@moVldUFpSrKHuwKyprmld@z8zr0QhNzEzT0OTq5qLEyhvzVXLpcfFlZ6crKCbD9ENM4NLTx/M@v81L183OTE5IxUA "Bash (gcc) – TIO Nexus"