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Well if you just want the most popular characters assigned to the bins 2-9, Perl can do that in 127 chars...

foreach(split /\s*/,<>){$x{$_}++}
foreach(sort{$x{$b}<=>$x{$a}}keys %x){$o{$n++%8}.=$_}
for(0..7){printf "%d: %s\n",$_+2,$o{$_}}

giving something like:

echo "jackdawslovemybigsphinxofquartz" | perl ./keypad.pl
2: ajeb
3: iynz
4: suv
5: ohm
6: wkl
7: rgp
8: xfc
9: dtq

Perhaps someone can neaten that big block of hash-sorting code into something shorter?