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Pxem, filename: 64 bytes + content: 0 bytes = 64 bytes, disqualified.

Thank you for commenting me that I need to use content of the file.


Stack Exchange Cha.p.c.c.zt - The Nineteenth Byte.p.d.a.v.st.v.p



How it works

  • Every command substring consists of a dot and a char.
  • Every non-command substring is considered to be a command to push each of the string from backwards.
    • I.e. literals.
  • 19th byte is . of .p --- a command to pop each to putchar().
    • Then the stack would be empty.
  • .c is dup() iff not empty; nop() otherwise.
  • .z ... .a is while size<2 || pop!=pop; do ... ;done.
  • .d is exit() on filename.
  • .v reverses entire stack.

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