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PowerShell: 111

Golfed Code

1..2|%{sv $_ (read-host)};"The hypotenuse of this right triangle is $("{0:N3}"-f[math]::sqrt($1/1*$1+$2/1*$2))"


1..2|%{sv $_ (read-host)}; Gets two inputs interactively from the user, and stores them in $1 and $2. Might be able to cut some length by using arguments or pipeline inputs instead.

"The hypotenuse of this right triangle is Required text in the output, per the challenge specifications.

$(...)" Encapsulated code block will be processed as script before being included in the output.

"{0:N3}"-f Formats output from the next bit of code as a number with exactly three digits after the decimal point.

[math]::sqrt(...) Gets the square root of the encapsulated value.

$1/1*$1+$2/1*$2 Serves as our "a^2+b^2". Multiplying a number by itself is the shortest way to square it in PowerShell, but the variables need to be divided by 1 first to force them to integers. Otherwise, they are treated as text and 3*3+4*4 would be 3334444 instead of 25.